Rethinking Microfinance - Developing a New In...

November 20, 2019

Achieving financial inclusion is one of the key enablers of economic prosperity; an inclusive financial system, one that allows broader access to financial services, can lead to faster and more equitable growth. Developments in microfinance over the years have contributed to increased financial inclusion by expanding the range of financial service providers, increasing the number of products and services, improving access to hundreds of millions of people and identifying the need for client protection and transparency.

MicroWatch Issue 53

November 18, 2019

MicroWatch Issue 53: The 3rd Quarter of 2019 saw microcredit penetration reach 35% with growth witnessed in most key indicators.

The How & the Why of Microfinance Lending Rat...

October 24, 2019

Concerns being raised about the lending rates charged by microfinance players are as old as the history of microfinance. Microfinance industry aims to provide financial services to the unbanked,comprising predominantly lower income strata of the society. Financial services are generally complemented with non-financial services provided to clients.

Identification & Assessment of Risks 2019

October 24, 2019

Risk is an inherent element of financial services, and like all financial institutions, microfinance providers (MFPs) face risks that they must manage effectively to achieve their financial and social objectives. It is imperative for microfinance providers to have a formal risk management structure in place to proactively establish processes that support business objectives while mitigating risks to an acceptable level.


We focus on evidence-based research and covers a wide range of easily available online collection of resources dedicated to microfinance and financial inclusion.


Carry out trend analysis, comparative analysis and retrieve Market Highlights.
The Year in Review

This section highlights the impact of the macro economy on the microfinance industry in the country, regulatory & policy environment and industry initiatives.

Financial Performance

This section reviews the financial performance of the microfinance industry including trend analysis, peer group and regional comparisons.

Challenges and Opportunities

This section delves into detail regarding challenges and opportunities facing the industry.

Social Performance

This section delves into the responsible finance and social performance initiatives that have been introduced in the industry.

Micro Eye

Mapping the Competitive Environment in microfinance sector. MicroEYE is designed to represent industry data in graphical format for effortless comprehension.

Micro Watch

Microwatch highlights the quarterly position of credit, savings, and insurance outreach on a country and regional basis coupled with outstanding portfolio at risk.

Micro Mundi

MicroMundi is an online portal that offers comprehensive and up-to-date information about Microfinance products being offered in Pakistan.


To support retail microfinance providers by strengthening them institutionally, and work towards ensuring an enabling environment for microfinance in the country.


An overview of microfinance industries latest publications, jobs and events.


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