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The Pakistan Microfinance Network (PMN or ‘the Network’) traces its beginnings to 1997 when a group of microfinance practitioners laid its foundations as an informal platform for coordination, exchange of ideas and peer learning. Since then the Network has grown significantly and is now recognized locally and globally as the national association for retail players in Pakistan’s microfinance industry. Registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission [SECP] in April 2001 under Section 42 of the Companies Ordinance, PMN is a member driven network with a vision to expand access to formal financial services in Pakistan.


The Pakistan Microfinance Network finds it origins in 1995 as an informal association based on the exchange of thoughts and experiences between microfinance providers operating in Pakistan.  In 1999 this loose collaboration, the Microfinance Group Pakistan, sought and received financial support from the Aga Khan Foundation and the Asia Foundation.  Through its expanding and more formalised operations it continued to build confidence and trust amongst donors, government and microfinance institutions.  In 2001 it moved successfully to become a separate legal entity under the name of the Pakistani Microfinance Network (PMN).


Our Vision

Frontiers of Formal Financial Services reach out to all.

Our Mission

Support the financial sector, especially retail financial service providers, to enhance their scale, quality, diversity and sustainability in order to achieve inclusive financial services

Our Objectives

The PMN pursues this mission through three primary objectives:

  • Promoting an enabling environment that benefits the work of all stakeholders.
  • Building the capacity of stakeholders, especially that of retail microfinance institutions.
  • Acting as an information gateway by disseminating industry relevant information, improving transparency, promoting benchmarking, and serving as an information hub.

Our Goal

To support retail microfinance providers by strengthening them institutionally, and work towards ensuring an enabling environment for microfinance in the country.


Ernst & Young Ford Rhodes Sidat Hyder, Islamabad

Legal Advisor

Azam Chaudhry Law Associates (ACLA)